Better Edmodo-Integration – Grades get saved & view student’s answers

November 25th 2015: The Edmodo Apps API will no longer be active after June 30th, 2016. Apps using this API will be removed from the Edmodo Store at this time. Therefore we have already removed the Cloze Quiz Builder from the store. Our service will continue to be available directly through

Save time by using our updated Edmodo app Cloze Quiz Builder. If you use Edmodo, you don’t need to create student accounts on, as the information gets passed to the app from Edmodo and you can click on each student’s name to see what answers they provided. Also the grades are passed from Learnclick back to Edmodo when a student who signed in through Edmodo submits an assignment.

This is how it works:

After you click on our Edmodo App “Cloze Quiz Builder” you will see a button “Create a Quiz”.


Create the quiz and then click on the button “Save”. Once you’ve saved the quiz, you will see a link named “Click here to assign this quiz to your Edmodo group(s)” right at the bottom of the page.


This will open a window were you can check which groups you want to assign the quiz to and select the due date.


Clicking on “Assign Now” will post an assignment onto the student’s page:


You will see how many students turned in the quiz on your dashboard. Apart from turning in the quiz, clicking on “Submit” will also set a grade, which is visible inside Edmodo.


If you want to see the answers given, you can start the “Cloze Quiz Builder” Edmodo app and click on the little icon next to your quiz in the “Grades” column.


If you already have a Learnclick membership, please contact us so that we can connect your Learnclick account with Edmodo. Otherwise please purchase the app through the Edmodo Store.

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6 thoughts on “Better Edmodo-Integration – Grades get saved & view student’s answers

  1. Could you please tell me if I can use Japanese or Chinese text in the cloze
    Thank you
    Just wanted to make sure because it will be the most expensive app I have bought!
    Also is it a one off purchase or yearly?

  2. I would like to know if I buy it through Edmodo, Can I have the option to print the quiz on paper if I don’t want to publish it on Edmodo ?


  3. Can I create the assignments for students in Spanish? I teach Dual Immersion Spanish?
    I do not want students to do assignments in English because they are learning to read Spanish.

    • @Maria: If the question is if the interface was translated into Spanish, then that would be yes. All the buttons, etc. that a student sees are shown in Spanish if his browser language settings are set to Spanish. If your users are English speakers with an English keyboard, then you have the option to add special characters for inputing – see “How do I add special characters?” on this page: And of course the site displays any major language script, even Chinese characters.

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