For Businesses: Create your own customized Quiz-App

We can create a quiz app for you that has your own logo and branding. We will create both an Android and an iOS app for one price. You create the quizzes online at using your Pro account. When we create the app for you, those quizzes will be included inside the app and will run offline. That is, they will be available for all users immediately after they download your app. New quizzes will be automatically downloaded when a user opens the app. You can also create a login area for quizzes that you only want to allow your students to access.


  • Curso Blue is a Brazilian company that teaches English. They created an app (currently only available for Android) for their customers as well as for advertising their material to people who discover their website. You can download the app here: Curso Blue App

    cursoblue1      cursoblue3      cursoblue2
  • Lernen mit Spass is a German website that provides homework help (mostly for free). Their quiz app provides a convenient way for pupils to practice French and English. They integrated a small ad that links to a paid service for practicing conjugating French verbs. You can download the Android and iPhone/iPad apps here: Lernen mit Spass Übungs-App

    lms1   lms2

These are the steps to take in order to create your own quiz app:

  1. Sign up as a Pro Member at
  2. Create some quizzes and make sure you check “Allow download to mobile app” under the “Visible To” app.
  3. Download the Learnclick App to any iOS or Android device that you own. This will demonstrate how your quizzes will appear. They will look basically the same in your app as they do in our Learnclick app, except that it will be with your logo and branding. This is the moment for you to make corrections or improvements to the appearance of your quiz using our website (not the app) and then check the result by opening the app again (fresh download).
  4. The first time you use the Learnclick app, you will have to sign in with your ID to see the quizzes you have created. But when people first open your app they won’t have to do that. Even when you add new questions, the app will be identified on the Learnclick server as yours and download them automatically.
  5. Contact us and let us know you are planing to create an app.
  6. We will send you an invoice (USD 250.–) for creating the apps. Please let us know if you want only one app platform (either Android or iOS), as we give a small discount.
  7. We will ask you to send us your logo and a short description for the “About” popup.
  8. We will generate the app with your quizzes. We will send you an apk file that can be installed on an Android device.
  9. For uploading the app on the Google Play store they currently ask for a one time fee of USD $25.– (see Google Play Publishing)
    Publishing the app on Apple App store is not only more expensive (USD 99.–/year, see Apple Developer Program), but also a bit more complicated, as you need to use XCode or the Application Loader and therefore need to own a Mac. So we’re happy to do the upload to the Apple Store for you (you will need to share your credentials with us). Create an Apple developer account here: Enroll


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