How to create a Cloze Dictation Quiz

For learning Korean I like to create cloze dictation quizzes as I love the idea of learning in context. In this article I will explain to you how this can be done with

  • I click on “Create a Quiz” and then choose the first option “Blank Boxes & Dropdowns” from the dropdown list and click “Add Question”.
  • Then I paste my text into the Learnclick textbox. For the words or short phrases I want to learn I mark them and click on “Create Gap” .

The articles that I use come from an ebook I bought from and it contains the English translations.

Korean article

“Talk to me in Korean” has the above article also available as a video on Youtube. I only want to include the audio into my quiz, so I copy the Youtube vIdeo URL and head to¬† to convert the video into an mp3-file (you can find the Youtube link when you click on “Share” below the Youtube video).


  • Inside the Learnclick Quiz Maker I click on the link “Add Directions” which will add a textbox above my article. I will add my audio inside that textbox. I could add the audio in the same textbox as the text, but having it inside the directions has the benefit that the audio player will always remain above the text even when scrolling when using the mobile quiz app.
    Add Directions
  • I make sure I can see the formatting options:
  • Then I click on the icon to add a a multimedia element:
  • I choose the type “audio” and click on the symbol next to textfield for File/URL to upload my mp3 file.
    upload audio
  • After uploading the file, I click on the “Advanced” tab and choose “Don’t preload” and check “Controls”.
  • After clicking on the button “Create” in the multimedia dialog, it will insert the audio file inside our textbox. In the edit mode it will only display a yellow box. You will get to see the actual audio controls once you display the quiz.
  • This is how my dictation quiz displays after I click on the button “Show Quiz”:
  • I want to be able to practice offline on my smartphone (see the Learnclick mobile app) so I click on the button “Edit Quiz” below the quiz and then I go to the “Visible to” tab where I choose “just me” and check “Allow download to mobile app”.
  • Now I can sign in with my username and password in the Learnclick mobile app. It will download the quiz and this is how it looks like:
    Feel free to write a comment if you have any questions…

This is a dictation quiz one of our users created:

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