An outstanding tool for online formative assessment

This is a recommendation by Kim Pries, teacher of mathematics, computer science and biotechnology in Texas

I have used LearnClick for at least the last four years. I have also used Google Forms and EasyTestMaker. All three programs bring automated grading to teachers. However, LearnClick stands apart from the other two for several reasons:

* Reporting by student
* Reporting by quiz (helps with reteaching)
* Banking of test questions using the Moodle XML format
* Rostering of classes to prevent illicit logins
* Mathematical formulae
* Storage of images
* Cloze testing (students hate this, I love it!)
* Structure of classes

and more! I currently use LearnClick for all my testing needs because the product provides all the tools an active and forward-thinking teacher needs.

Additionally, Philip Perry continues to improve an already great product based often on user suggestions (within reason). He made some changes to default based on some of my suggestions. This approach is a level of customer service that no one else out there meets.

Please note that I am a happy customer of LearnClick and I receive no compensation for my comments.

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