Creating Quizzes with Rich Text Formatting

I still see a lot of teachers asking about how to format their quizzes with Google Forms. We wrote an article some time back on why Learnclick might be an alternative to Google Forms. Since Google Forms still does not support rich text editing like making a text bold, italics, underline, or changing the font color, I wanted to highlight that you can do all these things and more with

Formatting with

Formatting with

The best part is that you can just copy your text from Microsoft Word or Libre Office and paste it into the textbox and most of the formattings are taken over. Even tables you created in your word processor or Excel can be copied over. If you want to preserve the background color of a table, it’s best to use the free program Libre Office.

You can also insert math symbols. See Formatting your Quiz Questions.

You can also insert images, sound or embed videos into a Learnclick quiz. See multimedia help.

Visit our homepage and take the guided tour and learn about the many features Learnclick offers, while remaining a very easy to use tool.

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