How to create a Cloze Dictation Quiz

Cloze dictation quizzes are great for learning languages in context. In this article I will explain to you how this can be done with

  • I click on “Create a Quiz” and then choose the first option “Blank Boxes & Dropdowns” from the dropdown list and click “Add Question”.
  • Then I paste my text into the Learnclick textbox. For the words or short phrases I want to learn I mark them and click on “Create Gap” .

The examples for this quiz are in Korean. I added the English translations.

Korean article

“Talk to me in Korean” has the above article also available as a video on Youtube. I only want to include the audio into my quiz, so I copy the Youtube vIdeo URL and head to¬† to convert the video into an mp3-file (you can find the Youtube link when you click on “Share” below the Youtube video).

  • Above the quiz text-field I click on the icon to add a a multimedia element:
  • I choose the type “audio” and click on the symbol next to text-field for File/URL to upload my mp3 file.
    upload audio
  • After clicking on the button “Create” in the multimedia dialog, it will insert the audio file inside our textbox. In the edit mode it will only display a yellow box. You will get to see the actual audio controls once you display the quiz.
  • This is how my dictation quiz displays after I click on the button “Show Quiz”:

This is a dictation quiz one of our users created:

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