How to import Moodle Quizzes into WordPress

So you created many quizzes inside Moodle and would now like to use them in your WordPress blog? The solution I’m giving you here won’t actually import the quizzes into WordPress, but into and you can then embed them using an iframe (note that this solution only works if you’re self-hosting your blog, not on as they don’t allow iframes).

  1. Export your questions in Moodle:
    Make sure you choose the file format “Moodle XML format”.
  2. In Learnclick click on “Create a Quiz” and then choose Import Questions.
  3. Follow the instructions for embedding your quiz into WordPress. You will need to install the iFrame plugin. When pasting the iframe code into your WordPress code you will need to change the angle brackets <> into square brackets [ ].

With Learnclick you can also create usernames and have the answers recorded.

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