Why create Online Quizzes?

Quizzes help teachers to assess if what they instructed has been understood by their students. The advantages of creating quizzes online are many:

1) The answers get stored online. The teacher can immediately see which students completed the quiz. Teachers do not lose time in going around the classroom physically checking in homework.

2) Teachers can quickly compare the given answers and see in what areas students are successful and in what areas they have demonstrated learning gaps.

3) It saves time grading and the student can immediately see if his answer was correct or not. One can also add an explanation to the quiz question which appears after the student answered the question.

4) Students can retake a practice quiz as often as they want and can see if they improved their score.

5) One can add images, sound and videos to an online quiz and of course save paper.

For doing all this, learnclick.com provides an easy to use, yet powerful quiz creator. Its strength comes into play when creating fill in the gap quizzes. There are several gap-filling options: a simple blank field, a dropdown menu or by using drag & drop boxes. Of course you can also add multiple choice or essay questions. The given answers can be compared very quickly with Learnclick’s statistics and grades feature.

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