Why our clients are using learnclick.com…

A few months ago we asked some of our clients the following question(s): “What makes learnclick.com unique? Why did you choose our product?” We thought you might find the answers useful for deciding if learnclick.com is something you could use:

  • Real customer service
    The reporting is key to formative assessments and reteaching
    The help pages are actually useful

  • It has lots of functions – all that I need, it’s constantly updated, quizzes can be embedded into my site, I can see statistics.

  • I can create different types of quizzes.
    I can add explanations to each answer.
    I can create PDF from my quiz and give it to students during classes.

  • am a teacher of special needs young adults and created our own curriculum for our program. Your program allowed me to customize assessments and assignments with the added feature of scoring them and keeping the data for me. ┬áThis has been absolutely huge for us and for me personally.
    I love the fact that I can customize work for our students, the program is user friendly, and the support has been great as well.

  • I give my students a lot of assessments at the beginning of each year, and this really streamlines the process so I don’t have to grade them all by hand.

  • It is the easiest way to make a fill in the blank activity online

  • Because of the simple creation of drag and drop exercises

  • I wanted to find a way to give vocabulary quizzes with drag and drop.

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