Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper

quiz created by Michelle Morissette




Listen as many times as you need to and fill in the gaps.  



Welcome to my nightmare,

I think you're like it,

I you're gonna feel you
A nocturnal , unnecessary sedation,

You want to feel at 'cause you
Welcome to my whoa, ho, ho, ho...

Welcome to my


I hope I didn't you.
That's just the we are when we down.
We s and laugh and here.
'Cause life is just a here.
You inside you feel right at here.


Yeah, Welcome to my yeah, hey, hey, hey...

to my nightmare!

I you're gonna it!

I think you're feel you

We sweat and and scream

'Cause is just a here!

You know you feel right at , here!

Welcome to my hoo, hoo, woo, hoo...

Welcome to my






1. What costume is Alice Copper ( the singer)wearing?

2. Why do you think he chose that costume?

3. What kind of nighmare do you think he is singing about?

4. What is the worst nightmare you have ever had? Describe it. 

5. Do you think this a good Halloween song? Why or why not 






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