Winter Wonderland

 Rod Stewart and Michael Buble




Sleigh bells are you
In the lane, snow is
A beautiful
We’re tonight.
in a winter wonderland.


Gone away is the ,
Here to is a new bird
He a love song,
As we along,
Walking in a winter .


In the we can build a snowman,
We'll that he is Parson Brown
He’ll say: Are you
We’ll say: No ,
But you do the job
When you’re in


Later on, we’ll
As we by the fire
To face
The that we’ve made,
Walking in a wonderland.


In the meadow we can a snowman
And that he's a circus clown
We'll have lots of fun with Mister
Until the other kiddies him down


Sleigh bells are you listening,
In the lane, is glistening
A beautiful ,
We’re tonight.



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