O Holy Night by Josh Groban

created by Michelle Morissette 



O holy

the are brightly
It is the

of our dear Saviour's

Long lay the in sin

'Til he

and the soul felt it's


A thrill of ,

the weary world
For yonder

a new and glorious morn!

Fall on your

oh hear the angel
Oh night ,

oh night when Christ was !
Oh night ,

oh night, oh night !


shall he break,

for the slave is our
And in his

all oppression shall

Sweet hymns of

in chorus raise we
Let all within us

his holy name!


Christ is the Lord,

let ever, ever we

Oh night, oh divine!
Noel, noel!

Oh night, oh night
Noel, noel! Oh oh night divine!


Oh Holy Night with lyrics 






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