Mama by B.J Thomas 1



1.    Think of all the things your mother did for you when you were young.

       Make a list. Discuss them with a partner or your group.

2.   Before you listen, read through the lyrics and try to predict what the

      missing words should be.  Almost all of them are verbs, so use your

      common sense for some.  



quiz created by Michelle Morissette




Fill in the missing verbs and a few nouns 


Who's the one who your shoe

when you young

and just when to come

and see what you had ?

Mama, oh mama 


And who's the one who your eye

and you not to cry

'cause he too big for you to try

Mama, ma-a-ma


And who's the one you  

to  plead to her time

to the league

It was mama , oh mama


And who's the one who her shoulder 

when you her your first love over

she'd someone older 

It mama, mama


Musical interlude


It mama, my ma-a-a-ma-a-a

Ma-a-ma, oh ma-a-ma

Who's the one who you obligation,.

then dedication: result ?

Mama, mama


And who's the one who's the friends you've

A home away from home when they tired and all

Mama, mama  


And who's the one who a tear inside

when you your future bride 

And who's the one who to cry

As you down the aisle.

the tears you her smile.


Mama, oh, mama

Ma - -m - a. my ma -a- ma -a

It was ma-a-m-a-a



VOCABULARY:   Match the meaning in part B to the words in part A  



     patched your eye :  



      Little League:   


      gave her shoulder:  




      walked down the aisle 




  • to ask for something you really want in a sincere and emotional way
  • a traditional walk from the door to the front of the church when you get married
  • fixed, repaired,
  • to comfort someone or provide comfort 
  • A baseball league for children between 8 and 12 years old.
  • Something you must do because it is important.
  • Working very hard at something because it is important to you



1.  Is the singer's mother dead or alive? How do you know? The answer is a

     based on the grammar in the song.

2.   What is the main tense used throughout the song? Why?

3.  Find two past perfect tense verbs. Why are they used?


5.   Find two present perfect tense verbs. Why are they used?


6.   Find five adjective clauses.


7.   Find four adverb clauses


8.   Find one noun clause 


9.  Find an example of reported speech.



SINGING: this is a very easy song to learn, sing and even memorize.  Go back 

              to the song and sing along as many times as you can. Make sure to

              open your mouth wide.




1. The photos in the video were mainly taken during the 1950s and 60s.  What 

    are some differences between the roles of mothers during that period and

    today?  Give examples.


2.  Unlike the 1950's and 1960s when mothers stayed home, 70% of today's

     mothers in North America work ourside the home. How do you think this has

     affected  their role as mothers.


3.  If you are a mother yourself and work, what are some of the problems you

     have in trying to balance  your job as mother and worker? 


4.  In your culture, have more "fathers" taken on more of some the traditional

     roles and duties of "mothers". Why or why not? Explain. What specific

     duties have they taken on. 


5.  What are some of the most important qualities of a good mother? Give

     some examples from your own life.


6.   Do you think mothers understand their children and teenagers better now

      than they did 50 years ago? Why or why not?  Explain .


7.  Do you think TV mothers ( i.e. the mothers in television shows) show a real

     picture of what mothers are like?  Why or why not?


8.  If you are a teenager, how well do you think you understand your mother.


9.   If you are a mother yourself, has becoming a mother changed your attitude

      about your own mother? In what ways? Explain.


10.  What is the most difficult part of being a mother? Why? Explain and give



11  What is the most rewarding part of being a mother? Explain and give 






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