Smart Ways to Live

Original Artist: Tangerine Kitty

Lyrics and Music: Julian Horowitz with The Maccabeats


quiz created by Michelle Morissette


Take a spider out of your hair.
Give your nephew a teddy

Leave your a nice big tip.
Make sure to never dip.


Smart to live.

So many smart ways to

ways to live.

So smart ways to .


Help an old lady cross the .
Give the homeless to eat.

Give a a compliment
Leave a note when you accidentally make a


ways to live.

So many smart to live.

Smart ways to

So smart ways to .


Turn off your phone at the and table
Thank God for being and able

Eat your and a fruit or two
Close your mouth when you chew your


ways to live.

So many smart to live.

Smart ways to

So smart ways to



Always stay positive. Don’t let sad efeat you.

Treat others like you’d want them to you

Maintain a healthy, active

Always try your best at you do

Be the change you wanna see in the

They may not but they’re quite possibly


The ways to live

The smartest to live
The smartest ways to

So many ways to


Post Listening Activities:


#1. Sing along with the song


 #2  Write your own song

 1)   With a partner or a group, make a list of as many  other "smart ways to live" you can

        think of. ( If you have trouble with a group, brainstorm with your whole class)

2)   Try to make your list as "specific as possible".

3)   Make some of the ideas "rhyme" with the ones before. 

3)   Use the same format as in the song. Then turn your list into your OWN   song.4
4)   Practice singing it using the same "tune" as in the song.

5)  Record your song and play it in class. Compare lyrics with other groups in the class to

     see who has the "best song".
6)  Upload youg song on You Tube


Activity #2:   Write a completely different song: Best ways to Succeed ( at anything), Best ways to learn 


1)   Use the same method as above.  Choose one of the two titles as make a list to best

      ways to  succeed or to learn.

2)    Follow exactly the same procedure as above.




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