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Collocations Quiz 1: Make or Do ?

1. Let’s a deal. If you dinner tonight, I’ll

    the dishes.


2. What do you for a living?


3. It’s not polite to ask people how much they

4. Everyone mistakes. It's what you with them

    that the difference as to whether you learn from

    them or not.


5.  I hope you well on this test. Otherwise you might

      have to it over again. 


6.  You should not promises unless you intend to

      keep them.

7. Could you me a favour? I need to   a call.


8. The movie is finished, what should we now?


9. I haven’t many friends since I came to Canada.


10.You don’t have to win the race. Just your best.


11. It's very difficult to a profit in this kind of  



12. Make sure you all of your homework tonight.


13. We need to some changes around here.


14. I would like to business in China.


15. You’re getting fat. You need to more exercise.


16. Could you something for me?  Would you the

      arrangements for the meeting.


17. Please an effort to clean up the kitchen.


18. Yesterday was really busy. I the beds, the 

      laundry and the shopping.


19. Be careful. I think John is trying to trouble for

      you at work.


20. Have you an offer on the new house?


21.  I need to the accounts at the end of the month.


22.  John badly in his math exam.


23. Don't so much noise. I can’t think.


24.  Have you plans about what you want to

       during your holidays? 

25. I need to   a decision about a gift for my mother.



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