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Collocations Quiz 2: MAKE or DO by learningenglishwithmichelle.blogspot.com

1. You should your hair differently.


2. Can you sure everyone is on time.


3. something about the kitchen. You a huge  

    mess when you were cooking.


4. My children a promise to me that they would not



5. I didn’t anything wrong.


6. Can you room for one more person.


7. I everything I could for him, but he still a



8. Try to a good job on this, or the customer might

     a complaint.


9. If we do business with each other, we should be able to



10. Please don’t too many verb tense mistakes.


11. Don’t a face about the food. It’s good for you.


12 It’s important to your duty.


13. Could you a dentist appointment for me?


14 You could a lot of damage with that knife.


15 Politicians always surveys to see if they have  

any progress.


16. You should not excuses for bad behaviour.


17 I won’t anything if you fun of me.


18. I don’t usually allow extra students in the class but I   

       will an exception this time.


19. We are a lot of money, but have to a lot of

      overtime these days.


20. your homework right now. I’m trying, but it doesn’t



21. Can you please my nails. I want to a good

      impression at the  party.


22. Let’s a date for Saturday.


23. Would like to a puzzle with me?


24. I need to a decision by tonight.


25. Can I a suggestion. Let’s go out to dinner.



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