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The Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett


created by Michelle Morissette



I was in the lab late one
When my beheld an eerie
For my from his slab

to rise
And suddenly to my


He did the

He did the monster
The mash

It was a smash

He did the mash
It   in a flash
He did the mash
He did the mash


From my   in the castle
To the master

where the feast
The ghouls all

from their abodes
To get a from my  


They did the

They did the mash
The monster mash
It was a
They the mash
It caught on
They did the mash
They did the mash


The were having
The had just .
The included Wolf Man
Dracula and his


The scene was

All were the
Igor on

backed by his baying
The -bangers were about to
With their vocal ,

"The Crypt-Kicker Five"


They the mash
They played the mash
The monster
It was a smash
They the mash
It caught on
They the mash
They played the


Out from his

Drac's voice did
he was by just one thing
He opened the and shook his
And "Whatever to my Transylvania twist?"


It's now the
It's now the mash
The monster mash
And it's a smash
It's the mash
It's caught on in a
It's now the
It's now the


Now everything's

Drac's a of the
And my monster mash is

the of the
For you, the ,

this mash was too
When you get to my ,

them Boris you


Then you mash
Then you can mash
The monster
And do my smash
Then mash
You'll on in a
Then you can mash
Then you can






Match Group A and Group B


Group A


a smash  =


caught on in a flash =


the scene was rockin' = 


digging' the sounds =


humble abode =


a hit of the land =



Group B

house or apartment

having a lot of fun

very successful

enjoying the music

immediately very popular

a huge success





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