Only Man in World Who Can Swim with a Polar Bear

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  • predator
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This incredible video Mark Dumas a fearless handler from Abbotsford,  British Columbia, for a dip in his pool where he and his 16-year- polar bear named Agee a watery cuddle with each


Mark and wife Dawn, 60, the 60-stone (800lb) friendly - the world's largest land - to star in high-budget TV She has even performed in such as 'Alaska' in 1995 she was just a few old.


With his incredibly intimate Mark wrestles on the with Agee, kisses

her, his head in her jaws and even gives a bear hug as she rears  on her hind to over seven feet. Mark and Dawn owned

Agee since she six weeks old and huge mammal even in their home as a where she played the family dogs and was with a bottle.






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