Idioms of the Heart Quiz #1

Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.
  • heart of gold .
  • poured her heart out
  • heart sank
  • learn
  • lose heart
  • have a heart.
  • heart to heart talk
  • took heart
  • change of heart
  • had my heart in my mouth
  • has his heart set on
  • heart's not in it
  • wear your heart on your sleeve
  • by heart
  • heart of stone .
  • breaks my heart

INSTRUCTIONS:  Fill in the gap with the correct idiom. 

Remember to use the correct verb tense depending on the context of the sentence.



1. My when I realized how much work was left to do on the



2.  Thank you for being so encouraging. I really when you told

    me that you believed I could succeed.


3. My old boyfriend has a He won't answer my phone calls, or

    tell me why he broke up with me.


4. It to have to leave Vancouver, but my VISA has run out

    and I have to go back to Japan.


5.  My father sounds a little frightening, but underneath that exterior he has a

     He will help you whenever you are in touble.  


6.  My teacher was not going to pass me, but when she realized how much my

     English had improved, she had a and gave me a

     passing grade.


7.  Our teacher wants us to the irregular verbs because she says

      they are the most common verbs in English and we need to know them



8.  My mother and I need to have a about things

     because we are always arguing and I want to stop.


9.  I'm going to quit my job. My anymore. I want to do

     something more interesting. 


10.  John really buying a new car, but he can't afford it

       right now, so he is working overtime to make more money.


11. My friend to me about her problems with her

      parents, so I gave her some advice about how to talk to them and she felt

      much better.


12.  I'm starting to about finding a good job here. I have applied to

      more than a 100 places, and so far no one has called me for an interview.


13.  My boss wants me to work on the weekend, but I told him to

      I'm exhausted and I need a break.


14.  You can't  all the time. Everyone knows        how you feel about everything. You need to hide your feelings more.


15.  That was an incredibly scary horror movied. I

       everytime the killer jumped out at people.








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