Robin Hood

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  • against
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  • by
  • who
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  • during
  • hide
  • became

Robin Hood, the legendary of many English ballads, embodies the fight of the Anglo-Saxon peasants their Norman invaders. He probably lived in the late 12th century the reign of Richard the Lionheart.

When Richard left England to in the Crusades, his brother Prince John usurped the throne. He hated his poor Saxon subjects, confiscated their lands and persecuted all those were faithful to the rightful king, Richard. Among the nobles persecuted John was Robin’s father. Robin was still a boy when he saw his father murdered, his house burnt and himself left poor and homeless. In to escape John’s soldiers he was obliged to hide in the forest.

He soon the chief of a band of peasants and outlaws fighting against the usurper and the arrogant Norman masters. Robin and his “merry men” in Sherwood Forest. They lived on the King’s venison and what they from rich merchants and churchmen, and they shared their booty with the poor and the weak. They to dress in green in order to themselves among the leaves of the trees, they could handle bows and arrows with amazing skill and they many adventures.

Finally, Robin mortally wounded by one of his enemies. He called for his bow, and his last arrow, asking to be buried where it landed. The arrow was found in Sherwood Forest and there Robin Hood rests forever.



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