144 Things Canada Gave the World Reading Scanning Quiz

144 Things Canada Gave the World 1


144 Things Canada Gave the World

infographic from the Hamilton Spectator 

quiz by Michelle Morissette




 How much do you know already? 


1. Where does the story of Anne of Green Gables take place?  


2. When was the Blackberry invented? 

3. Where did the inventor of basketball first teach?       


4. Where was the chocolate bar invented? 


5. Are timbits made from the missing hole in donuts.


6. What did the zipper replace?  


7. What is pablum?


8. What was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. 

9. When did the Walkie Talkie become popular?   


10. What is a beaver tail? 

11. Why was the beaver so popular in Europe?  


12 .What do we use to take out the trash? 


13  What were the names of Mr. Dressups "friends?" 


14. What advantage did the paint roller bring?

15 .What is Poutine?  

16  What was the slogan for Red Rose Tea     

17. What piece of women's underwear was invented by a Canadian teenager  

18. What popular winter outdoor machine was invented by Bombardier   


19. Who is Red Green? 

20  What makes the Robertson screwdriver different?  

21. What did Alexander G Bell invent that was replaced by record players   

22. What Canadian space technology was used on the Space Shuttle Columbia? 

23. What is the harder version of ten pin bowling?  

24.  What did the Loonie replace? 

25. What is a sweet thing we put on pancakes or french toast?   




More Canadian inventions on the right hand side: 

1.  a type of car                  

2.  a type of camera          

3. an unbreakable type of glass   

4. a well known board game for adults   

5. a piece of medical equipment that keeps the heart beating regularly  

6. a type of wheelchair   

7. a type of train car    

8. a common tool used in home repairs

9. a type of microspope    electron microscope 

10. something in a car  that measures mileage driven   







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