PET Writing part 1 (2)

The hotel has a big swimming pool.

is a big swimming pool in the hotel.

I bought this camera six months ago.

I've this camera for six months.

I've been a member of the tennis club since 2009.

I the tennis club in 2009.

They've been married for 25 years.

They 25 years ago.

I spent 3 hours doing my maths homework.

It 3 hours to do my maths homework.

It was midnight when we left the party.

We didn't leave the party midnight.

We didn't spend much money.

We only spent money.

He's too young to see that film.

He isn't to see that film.

Whose pen is this?

Whose pen?

I liked the restaurant and my wife did too.

I liked the restaurant and my wife.




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