PET Writing part 1 (3)

There weren't many people at the concert.

There were only people at the concert.

It doesn't matter which type of cooking oil you use for this recipe.

You can use type of cooking oil for this recipe.

I found the film rather boring.

I felt by the film.

A mechanic fixed my car last week.

I fixed last week.

You should tell her you're sorry.

If I'd tell her you're sorry.

There's a chance he's asleep at this time.

He might asleep at this time.

Jane said "Why don't we ask Rita?"

Jane suggested Rita.

I'd advise you to study harder.

You to study harder.

How much does a new moped cost?

What's a new moped?

 He went to the shop because he wanted to buy some bread.

He went to the shop in buy some bread.



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