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Narrative Tenses

Use the most suitable form of the verb in CAPITALS - past simple, past continuous or past perfect.


We got to the cinema late and the film already . START We the first 15 minutes.  MISS


When I saw Jim he at the bus stop. WAIT


I school in 1979.  LEAVE


Giulia was rather nervous when she got onto the plane because she before. NOT FLY


I in Tokyo when I met my first wife.  LIVE


They only married a few months when they began to have terrible arguments.  BE


He felt terrible because he too much the night before.  DRINK


Shakespeare 37 plays as well as many poems.  WRITE


I only my computer a few months when it broke down.  HAVE


A: Where's Diana? I thought she to the restaurant with us.  COME

B: No, she told me she late this evening. WORK


A: Is that a new phone? When you it? GET

B: Last month, for my birthday.


It when I left the house this morning. NOT RAIN



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