Frasier Gertrude Moon and Halloween


created by Michelle Morissette



Watch the video and answer the questions


Characters: Miles, Daphne, Mrs. Gertrude Moon, Jason (boy), Later - Frasier, Jason's parents 


Miles and his wife don't want to answer the door because __________

a.they don't like children
b.they forgot to buy Halloween candy
c.they ran out of Halloween candy
d.they hate Halloween

2) Mrs. Moon wants to answer the door because she __________

a.loves children
b.thinks people are afraid of children
c.thinks children should stand up
d.thinks people need to stand up to children

3) When Mrs. Moon tells the boy, she doesn't have any treats,  he says that he ______

a.will play with her
b.will play a trick on her
c.will return the next day
d.will play tricks on all the neighbours

4) At the restaurant, Frasier is trying to think of a good ________ to play on his friend.


5) Jason's second trick on Mrs. Moon is to __________________ $32 worth of cake
b.make her $32 worth of cake
c.refuse to pay for $32 worth of cake
d.make her pay for $32 worth of cake

6) Mrs. Moon sends a doll that wets its bed to Jason at school in order to ______

a.make him laugh
b.embarass him
c.upset his mother
d.entertain his friends

7) When the neighbours come to the door, they think that Miles _________ playing tricks on Jason
b.doesn't like Jason
c.has children
d.likes children

8) Miles refers to Mrs. Moon as  his _________________


9) After Mrs. Moon sent the doll to Jason at school, he ___________________

a.had to see a counselor.
b.apologize to his class.
c.stay late after school. to the school principal.

10) In the end, Mrs Moon and Jason find out that they _________________

a.don't like each other.
b.have a lot in common.
c.both hate to clean up.
d.both enjoy video games.



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