Friends: Halloween The Pink Bunny vs The Doodie


created by Michelle Morissette


Watch the video and answer the questions


1.  At the beginning Chandler  is unhappy because ___________

a.he doesn't like Halloween parties.
b.he doesn't like Monica's costume.
c.his costume is too tight..
d.he doesn't like his costume.

2) When he was a child, Ross's favourite book was ____________

a.the Pink Rabbit.
b.the Velvet Rabbit .
c.the Velveteen Rabbit .
d. Vals 'Teen Rabbit .

3) The rabbit in Ross's favourite book was_________ and white.
b.brown and white.
c.brown and wide.
d.blonde and white.

4) When Monica tells Chandler  he can have "either the pink bunny, or no bunny at all", Chandler replies ________________ bunny. bunny at all. honey. honey at all.

5) Joey says his costume is meant to represent _________ ?

d.a carpenter.

6) Ross's costume is meant to represent _________________

a.a smart potato.
b.Sputnick .
c.Spudnick . alien potato.

7) Ross's friends tell him he looks like Howdy ______


d.Doody .

8) On the couch, Monica and Joey were talking about  _____________

a.which of the two others was the best figher.
b.whether Ross was stronger than Chandler.
c.whether Chandler was stronger than Ross .
d.whether Joey was stronger than Chandler.

9) Chandler was upset  at Monica because  she said  that  _____________

a.Joey was stronger than both of them.
b.Ross could beat him in a fight.
c.she didn't think he knew how to fight.
d.she thought he would run away in a fight.

10) When Joey says, "people came to see a fight. Let's give them what they came for," he means  that ______________

a.Monica should stop the fight..
b.he wants to fight Ross and Chandler too
c.everyone loves a good fight
d.Ross and Chandler should be allowed to fight

11) Joey suggests that Ross and Chandler should settle their differences by ____________

b.arm wrestling
c.hand wrestling
d.body wrestling

12) The prize for the winner of the fight is ________________

a.a ride and a dictionnary
b.pride and prejudice
c.price and dignitary
d.pride and dignity

13) Ross and Chandler only have have one fight _____________


14) Moncia says that Ross is making his __________________ face
b.six face
c.sax face
d.sox face

15) When the nurse says both men seem equally strong, Joey says "or equally ______




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