The Nativity Story


 created by Michelle Morissette 


 When did this story take place?

a.1,000 years ago
b.2,000 years ago
c.2,500 years ago
d.500 years ago

2) Who appeared to Mary? old man
b.a young man angel able

3) What was his name?


4) Why did this visitor appear to Mary tell her to get married announce she had a new husband tell her she was special tell her she would be the mother of the son of God

5) What probably happened next?

a.Mary had a baby
b.Mary married Joseph
c.Mary met Joseph
d.Mary went on a trip

6) Where did Mary and Joseph go?


7) What happened when they got there?

a.There were many people there
b.The town was having a party
c.There was no place to stay
d.There were only a few places to stay.

8) What is another word for "hotel" ? imp ame inn
d.a eyen

9) How many hotels refused to let Mary and Joseph stay there?


10) Where did Mary and Joseph stay? a stable a castle a palace a cheap hotel

11) What happened in that place?

a.Mary had a good sleep
b.Joseph stayed awake all night
c.Mary had a baby
d.An angel appeared

12) What is a shepherd? 

a.A person who takes care of cows
b.A farmer
c.A person who takes care of sheep
d.A person who guards the fields

13) Whaat happened to the shepherds? 

a.Their boss told them to go visit Mary and Joseph
b.An angel appeared and told them about a special baby..
c.they fell asleep in the field
d.they ran away when they saw someone in hte sky

14) What was the special baby's name?


15) Who was this special baby supposed to be?

b.God's brother
c.Mary and Joseph's nephew
d.the son of God

16) What did the shepherds do?

a.They told everyone in the town
b.They didn't listen to the story
c.They went to visit the baby Jesus
d.They started singing

17) What did three wise men see?


a.many stars
b.a very bright star
c.a half moon
d.a sky with no moon

18) What did this mean?

a.They had to obey a special new rule
b.They needed a new ruler
c.They needed to measure the distance
d.A special new ruler was born

19) What did the wise men do when they saw this "sign"?

a.They followed it to Jthe city of Jerusalem
b.They followed it to the country Egypt
c.They followed it to town of Bethlehem
d.They followed it to the stable where Jesus was born

20) Which gift did the wise men NOT give to the baby Jesus?


21) What did the three wise men do when they first saw Jesus?

a.They smiled at him
b.They worshipped him
c.They held him
d.They talked to him

22) Why do Christians call this the "Nativity Story?"

a.It is about the birth of Jesus Christ
b.Christ was a native speaker
c.Mary and Joseph were natives of Israel
d.The word nativity means

23) What is the real reason Christians celebrate Christmas? 

a.They are celebrating the joy of family
b.They are celebrating the end of winter
c.They are celebrating the birth of Christ
d.They are celebrating the beginning of a new year



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