Reading Comprehension Flashmob Greets Family

1) Roisin Munroe had been away from Ireland for ______________

a.10 years
b.the reading does not say
c.20 years
d.15 years

2) When they arrived in Ireland,  the Munroe family were greeted ______________ their mother and father their nieces and nephews their exrtended Irish family a flashmob

3) The Munroes arrived at _____________________

a.The Dublin Airport
b.The Ryan Airline
c.The Ireland National Airport
d.The Belfast City Airport

4) The National Irish Tourist Board  had a contest vbring an Irish family to Dublin bring a distant Irish person home for Christmas increase publicity about Ireland increase sales of airline tickets

5) The Munroe family had to

a.write a 30 word letter
b.telephone the Irish Tourist Bureau a raffle ticket
d.go to a special breakfast

6) The flashmob singers were mainly ____________

a.airport staff
b.airport baggage handlers
c.the Belfast Community Gospel Choir
d.the extended Munroe family

7) The word "overwhelmed" probably means be very confused feel so strongly that you can't think clearly feel very embarassed be overtired to the point of falling down

8) Munroe has _____________________

a.three sisters and seven brothers
b.four sisters and six brothers
c.three brothers and seven sisters
d.ten sisters and two brothers

9) Munroe had not seen her parents in person for __________________

a.12 years
b.10- years
c.6 years
d.14 years

10) You can assume that Munroe has

a.spoken to family members on skype
b.created a family skype network
c.joined Facebook
d.frequently spoken to her brothers on the phone



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