The Story Behind Dumb Ways to Die


Watch the video as many times as you need to. Then, answer the questions.


How many views did the song have on You Tube  within a week

b.about 20,000, 000
c.more than 20,000,000
d.about 200,000

2) The expression " generated an immediate viral effect" probably means _______

a.was seen by millions around the world within days
b.caused a lot of interest around the world
c.made even more people arond the world listen
d.made a big impact on young people

3) Which internet site caused this "viral effect"


4) The creator of the ad bought radio ads to promote the song


5) "Dumb Ways to Die" was so popular that  _______________________ stations played it often stations played it for free stations knew it by heart statons played it every hour

6) Even though the ad and the song were a bit hit, the advertisers still needed to

a.make people take more trains
b.earn a bigger profit for the train company
c.make an impact on people's attitude
d.cause people to behave safely around trains.

7) More than a million people  ____________________

a.listened carefully to the commercial
b.pledged to listen more often
c.promised to be safe around trains
d.promised to stay away from trains

8) In addition to the song, the advertising campaign DID NOT create _____________  

a.a smart phone game
b.a karaoke version of the song
c.a children's book
d.bus advertisements

9) The expression "cover versions" of the song probably means _____________

a.same music and format / different words
b.same words and format / different music
c.same song/ better singer
d.same song/ different animation

10) There has only been one other public service campaign which has been more popular than the Dumb Ways to Die Campaign.


11) Since the public service campaign was promoted,  accidental deaths around trains have _____________

a.increased by 21%
b.reduced by 26%
c.decreased by 21%!
d.fallen by 23%



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