Idioms of Time: Choose the most appropriate answer

1) I'm sorry I didn't call you last night. I got so busy, I _____________________.

a.hit the big time
b.was pressed for time
c.had the time of my life
d.lost track of time

2) Do you think you could  _________________ to go camping in August?

a.have a good time
b.get time off
c.have the time of your life
d.kill time

3) Teacher: I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now. I'm ___________________. I need to

               get to class in two mintues.

Student: OK. How about after class?

Teacher: O.K.

a.on time
b.putting in time
c.pressed for time
d.behind the times

4) I ________________ at my sister's wedding last week. We all danced until 3 A.M.

a.had the time of my life
b.ran out of time
c.to live on borrowed time
d.wasted my time

5) I didn't study this term, but now that exams are coming, I need to ________, or I won't pass the course.

a.make time
b.kill time
c.lose time
d.make up for lost time

6) You got here ____________Harry. We almost left without you.

a.for the time being
b.in the nick of time
c.on time
d.in your spare time

7) I'm not going to _______________ watching this ridiculous video. It's boring.

a.make time
b.run out of time
c.waste time
d.make time

8) Jane usually  ________________________by playing games on her iPhone whenever she has to wait for the bus.


a.wastes time
b.kills time
c.lives on borrowed time
d.makes time

9) Learning how to play an instrument is _________________because you can do it for the rest of your life.

a.run out of time
b.time on your hands
c.losing track of time
d.worth your time

10) Jane:  Why did you cut your hair? You've always had long hair. 

Mary: I decided it was ___________________ , so I cut it. Don't you like it? 

a.a waste of time
b.time for a change
c.living on borrowerd time
d.worth my time

11) I can't believe how _______________________. It seems like we just got married yesterday, and I already have two children.

a.put in time
b.to save time
c.time flies
d.to lose track of time

12) John:   Hi Peter. What are you doing this weekend?

Peter:  Not much. I'm just planning to stay home.

John:   Well, if you _________________________, would you mind helping me move to my new apartment?

Peter: Sure. No Problem.


a.have time on your hands
b.hit the big time
c.have the time of your life
d.time out

13) I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to answer your question. We've _______________________ and you have to go to your next class. Why don't you save it for tomorrow.


a.wasted time
b.lost track of time
c.run out of time
d.in the nick of time

14) The teachers in this school are really ____________________. They don't even know what rap or hip hop music is.

a.ahead of time
b.out of time
c.losing time
d.behind the times

15) Hi Mr. Smith. Do you  think you could ____________________ to talk to me after class? I need to talk to you about a problem.

a.waste time
b.make time
c.lose time
d.kill time




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