Polar Bear Swim: A New Years' Tradition

1) What reason is NOT given for participating in a Polar Bear swim

a.It's fun and exciting
b.They raise money for charity
c.They are good for people's health
d.They bring good luck

2) Which country has the biggest Polar Bear swim in the world?

b.the Netherlands
d.the United States

3) What kind of company sponsored the Polar Bear swim in the Netherlands?


a.a food company
b.a door company
c.a hat company
d.a soup company

4) Who  participates in polar bear swims?

b.mainly men
c.women and children
d.people of all ages

5) Do polar bears participate in these swims? 


6) What was another word used for swim in the story?


7) When did the Vancouver Polar Bear Club start? 

a.in 1918
b.in 1925
c.in 1923
d.in 1920

8) How much money has the Oakville Polar bear swim raised so far?

a.almost 1 million dollars
b.a million dollars
c.more than a million dollars

9) Most polar bear swims in the U.S., will try to raise money for  people affected by ___

a.Hurricane Hilda
b.Hurricane Sandy
c.Hurricane Katrina
d.Hurricane Hugo

10) Why is this swim called a "polar bear" swim?

a.Polar bears participate
b.people feel as cold as bears
c.only polar bears swim in freezing cold water
d.people like polar bears




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