Airline Refuses 'Ugly' Flight Attendants - Language Quiz

1) The collocations (word combinations) below are all taken from the article.  Write in the missing words.  

N.B  When you type in the word, make sure you type the full word.  Example: For 2)  "the ch____ are" type 'CHANCES', not 'ANCES'


YOU’VE spent hours on your CV, listed your skills and experience and made sure you have the best references for your job as an air hostess. Unfortunately, the ch are you will still be denied even an interview in China because your doesn’t fit — literally. Image is in the communist country and only women with the ‘correct’ height and body shape will be granted a hearing. Each h in Shanghai will have their face measured and will be rigorously checked for scars, blemishes and other ‘imperfections’. And all for the chance to be in the for a job at a Chinese airline. Some Chinese companies have been accused of sexism for placing too much importance the value of how female workers look. It is not uncommon for employers to demand job include photographs, height measurements and details of their marital . The country’s Spring Airlines recently headlines when it announced that women up to the grand age of 45 could work there. Doug Young, a correspondent for Shanghai Daily, said: ‘These changes are really quite small and still exclude a huge of potential applicants. ‘But from a mind-set perspective, it’s a significant first step in dismantling the stereotype that all Chinese flight attendants must be peppy, attractive 20-somethings.’


2) Now let's practice using some of these collocations in context.  Write in the missing words in the gaps below.  If you are with a teacher or friend, you can also discuss your answers to the questions


1) Do you think it is right for potential to be out of the
if they’re ‘ugly’?

2) Did you know that image is in China?  Does your culture also pl_______ a lot of importance the value appearance

3) Do you think Spring Airlines deliberately wanted to headlines in order to promote the name of their company?

4) Do you think women only up to 45 is the right limit for applicants?

5) Why do employers need to know applicants’ status?

6) What’s your job?

7) Do you think most people don’t do their job because they believe the are they will fail?

8) Do you believe that being successful at job interviews is just a case of whether
your face ?



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