St Patrick's Day

1) Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.

  • St Patrick's day is said
  • The shamrock was used
  • St Patrick's Day is one of a number of
  • Shamrocks are worn by the
  • The Saint's Day is celebrated
  • St Patrick is said to be
  • Parades are attended
  • St Patrick's Day celebrations are held
  • The best Guinness

to date back to medieval times.

to explain the Holy Trinity.

is brewed in Dublin.

by many people of Irish descent.

in many countries including Argentina and New Zealand.

 feast days enjoyed in Ireland.

by large crowds in New York and Boston.

buried in County Down, Ireland.

Irish Guards on St Patrick's Day


2)  Choose the correct answer.


a) Ireland hundreds of islands and islets.

b) Ireland's first settlers in 8000 BC.

c) The current population around 4.2 million.

d) Ireland a great contribution to world literature.

e) The tradition of Irish folk music and dance worldwide.

f) Ireland four Nobel prize winners for literature.

g) Ireland a mild, but changeable oceanic climate.

h) The 1990s a period of economic growth, when Ireland as the Celtic Tiger.

i) Irish by less than 10% of the population.

j) The capital city, Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland.


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