The Ornament that Saved Christmas

Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.
  • truth
  • quite
  • divide
  • glow
  • years
  • gift
  • texting
  • away
  • laughing
  • wide
  • right
  • connect
  • magic
  • holiday
  • ago
  • forever

A long time , about ten or so , loved ones shared good tidings and cheers. Then came a device some said to be , but in what it caused was truly tragic. Sought to connect us from far and from , but in the same room it caused a . No more teasing or or hugs to delight, just and tagging and swipes to the . What if somehow all our phones went , not for always or but just for one day? We offer this as a way to let go. So with your family and bask in their


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