The Story of Robert Burns

More than 250 years , Robert Burns or ‘Rabbie’ was born in Alloway the West of Scotland. his father was a poor farmer, Rabbie had a good education. He worked on his farm and when he was 15 to write songs to impress girls. When Rabbie was 25, his father . Rabbie took the farm with his brother. He kept writing songs for girls, and poems inspired his farming life. Rabbie wasn’t a farmer. He was about to move when his first book of poems published. It was a massive hit with well-off readers Edinburgh. After time in the city, Rabbie returned to the West and . The money he earned from his book ran and friends helped him to get a job a customs officer. This allowed him to continue . Many of his new poems influenced by the ideas of the French revolution and he about how the rich and poor should be equal. Rabbie died the early age of 37. Large crowds his funeral in Dumfries. His poetry became famous all the world. On his birthday every , people gather to celebrate and some of his best known works such as ‘Address to Haggis’. And when midnight strikes the 31st December, all over the world his famous ‘Auld Lang Syne’

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