Galaxy S7 Edge Ad

You live a planet that is water. If you don't put water your body, you die. If you don't put it on the of your body, you get disgusting gross and your skin falls . Some people fill giant bags water and sleep them. And water just starts falling of the sky. You think this model's , but she's mostly just water. 72 per cent water. 73 per cent water. And smart people this person say there's to be even more water. People it's really funny to find water people don't want to be in, and then those people into that water. If you're religious, your goal is some point to be forcibly in water. When water , people play on it. When it bubbles, people in it. When it moves, people slide it. In fact, there only two things you really can't live . Water and your phone. So why in the world you get a phone that can't wet? The new Galaxy S7 Edge. 


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