St Patrick's Day Listening Quiz

Listen to the recording and fill in the gaps. Note the use of numerous passive sentences in this text.

Saint Patrick's Day is an  celebration of the Saint of Ireland. It is on March 17, which is  to be the date of Saint Patrick's . This day is a national holiday in Ireland, but it is by Irish communities and many in countries around the . The festival the time when Saint Patrick Christianity to Ireland in the . On this day, it is  to wear green or shamrocks. This is because, according to , Saint Patrick a shamrock to explain the idea of the Holy Trinity to Irish .

Around the world there are Saint Patrick's Day . In Dublin, there's a parade that nearly a million people and it's five days long. But the parade is in New York City, which is by over two million people. Saint Patrick's Day is also for being a "drinking holiday". Drinking , especially Irish , has become an important part of the  . And the colour green is not only on people's bodies. In Chicago, for example, the city authorities the river green. And famous around the world are in green lighting. Many people also celebrate the day green food and drinking green beer. 

In recent , St Patrick's Day celebrations have been , particularly for  association with drinking alcohol. And some people that the festivities have become too  , and that the original idea of the festival has been .


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