Reported speech explanation



Turn the following sentences into reported speech:



1. "The boss must sign the letter", Jean said.
Jean said (that) .

2."Our teacher will go to Madrid tomorrow",  Emily said.

Emily said (that) to Madrid .

3. "I was writing a letter yesterday", Helen told me.

 Helen told me (that) a letter .

4. "Tim went to the Stadium yesterday", Peter said.

Peter said (that) to the Stadium 

5. "My mother will celebrate her birthday next week", Paul told me.

Paul told me (that) .

6. "John had already gone at six", David said.

David said (that) .

7. "Are the boys reading a book?" Mandy asked me.

Mandy asked me .

8. "Where are you playing football today?", Jennifer asked.

Jennifer asked .

9. "Did Max fly to London two weeks ago?", Paul asked.

Paul asked if Max

10. Where are my glasses? My grandmother asked me.

My grandmother asked me .

11. "Clean the blue bike", Andrew told me.

Andrew told me .

12. "Write a text message", Jessica told me.

Jessica told me .

13. "Don't play football in the garden!", Karen told me.

Karen told me .

14. "Don't forget to do your work!", the teacher told me.

The teacher told me .


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