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Complete the sentences using the correct verbal tense



1. Alberto  (drive) to school bus everyday.


2. Sandy   (forget) her homework very often. (hábito en presente)


3. Our friends sometimes   (go) to the supermarket.


4. Jenny never  (go) there. But she  (go) yesterday because her mother  (be) ill.


5. When they  (arrive), the boy  (play) in his room.


6. By next year, they  (win) the prize.


7. They  (argue) yesterday afternoon.


8. We (plan) a trip for this weekend.


9. When they  (see) the car, they started  (dance).


10. She hates (get) the bus everyday.


11.  (smoke) is bad for your health.


12. As this time next year, they  (work) in South Africa.


13. I (just/arrive), and I miss my family.


14. How often  (you/go) to the cinema?


15. How long  (they/smoke) here?


16. What you say  (be) terrible.


17. They (meet) tonight at 10 o'clock.


18. Peter  (live) since 2008 in this house.


19. Who  (be) your favourite pop stars?


20. They (already/go) when the police arrived.


21.   (you/see) him last night?


22. While I  (study) my girlfriend  (fall) asleep.


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