Grammar explanation: EnglishSpanish


Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets using the compartive or superlative form:




1. Paul is the  (tall) student in the school.


2. Jane is as  (smart) as her brother.(Comparativo de igualdad)


3. Harry thinks playing computer games is  (exciting) than watching TV.


4. My dad is  (old) than my mum.


5. Fruit is  (good) for you than sweets.


6. This is the  (bad) film I haver ever seen.


7. Lucy is not as  (pretty) as Mary. (Comparativo de inferioridad)


8. I am the  (intelligent) in my classroom.


9. Barranquilla is the  (nice) city we have ever visited.


10. Chile is one of the  (beautiful) countries in the world.


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