Grammar explanation: EnglishSpanish


Complete the following sentences with past continuous affirmative, and then turn the sentences into negative and interrogative. Write short forms:



1. She  (play) basketball yesterday at five o’clock.


She basketball yesterday at five o'clock. (negative)


she basketball yesterday at five o'clock? (question)



2. We   (study) hard yesterday afternoon.


We hard yesterday afternoon. (negative)


we hard yesterday afternoon? (question)



3. They  (watch) TV when I arrived.


They TV when I arrived. (negative)


they TV when I arrived? (questions)



4. The thieves  (steal) when the police arrived.


The thieves when the police arrived. (negative)


the thieves when the police arrived? (questions)



5. They (smoke) yesterday in the morning.


They yesterday in the morning. (negative)


they yesterday in the morning? (interrogative)


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