Vežba 39

Whose room is it ? It's Donna's .
Whose house is it ?  the vampires' house.
Whose kitchen is it ? It's  kitchen. (Tarina)
Whose house is it ? It's   house. (Jeremijina = Jeremy)
Whose living room is it ? Beth's room.
Whose telephone is it ? It's Jack's .
Whose chandelier is it ? It's Donna's  chandelier. (Doninog dečka)
Whose bedroom is it ? It's Timothy's .
Whose lamp is it ? It's  lamp.
Whose kitchen is it ? It's grandma's kitchen. (Betine bake)
Whose piano is it ? It's boyfriend's piano. (Tarinog nećaka)
Whose hotel is it ? It's Donna's boyfriend's .

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