Turn the following sentences into reported speech:




1. "Manuel wore his glasses yesterday", Mary said.

Mary said (that) Manuel his glasses .

2. "Stop and don't do stupid things today", Paul told

Paul told and stupid things .

3. "What did you say yesterday? Helen asked.

Helen asked what I .

4. "It's impossible to know what you want", Alice said.

Alice said (that) it impossible to know what I .

5. "Are you sure you are a superhero?  Steve asked.

Steve asked I sure I a superhero.

6. "I don't Know the real you", he told.

He told (that) he the real .

7. "Is it possible to contact Mr. Smith? Mary asked.

Mary asked it possible to contact Mr. Smith.

8. "The sun rises in the east", he affirmed.

He affirmed (that) the sun in the east.

9. "There are many things to think about, but she is the main one", John told his friends.

John told his friends (that) there many things to think about, but she the main one.

10. "What is that noise?" he asked.

He asked .

11. "Why did you carry those bags yesterday? he asked.

He asked those bags .

12. "I didn't really know her", John told me.

John told me (that) he her.

13. "Are you happy with your life?" He asked me.

He asked me if I happy with life.

14. "Are you aware you will fail this exam? The teacher asked the students.

The teacher asked the students if .


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