Complete the exercise using I wish + past simple:


1. I don't have a new car (but I need one).

 I   a new car.

2. I want to buy a house (but I don't have money)

 I   (can) buy a house.

3. I live in London, but I prefer Madrid)

 I   in Madrid.

4. I speak English (but not very well)

 I   English better.

Complete the exercise using I wish + past perfect simple:

1. You have drunk too much and now you feel really bad.

I  so much.

2. You have read too much today, and now you feel tired.

I  so much.

3. You have been running for two hours. Now, you have a terrible pain in your ankles.

I  for two hours. 

4. You have eaten three hamburgers and now you have got a stomach ache. 

I  three hamburgers.


Complete using I wish + would:


1. I want Sarah to come.

I Sarah  .

2. I was explaining on the whiteboard and you interrupted me.

I you   me.

3. I want my father to buy me a car.

I my father   a car.

4. You are smoking and I don't like the smelling.

I you  .


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