1. Turn the following sentences into passive:
A) She was eating cakes.
Cakes (by her)
B) I haven't done that.
 That (by me)
2. Link the following sentences using a relative pronoun:
A) The woman is my friend. She lives in Mexico.
The woman, , is my friend 
B) I want to buy that machine. It is useful.
 I want to buy that machine is useful.
3. Complete the following conditional sentences:
A) I wouldn't do that if I (be) you.
B) If I have to work I (not go) to your party.
4. Turn the following sentences into reported speech:
A) "Stay here and help me", he said to her.
 He said to her him.
B) "I didn't sell my house last year", he told.
 HE told he his house .
c) "Will you go to Granada tomorrow?" He asked.
 He asked if I to Granada .
5. Complete the following sentences with the correct verbal tense:
A) He always   (buy) bread at noon.
B) I   (see) an accident two hours ago.
C) Maria   (play) volleyball yesterday afternoon.
D)   (you / watch) that film yet?
E) I was going back home when I   (see) a kangaroo.
F) When my mother   (arrive), I   (eat)  pizza.


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