Turn the following sentences into reported speech:




"It is hot", John said

John said (that) it hot.


“I have done my homework”, Tom said.

Tom said (that) he his homework.


“I will give you a book” Tom said.         

Tom said (that) he me a book.


“Do you smoke?” Tom asked.

Tom asked I .


"Where does Bob live? Tom asked.

Tom asked Bob .


“Jane has not arrived yet”, Tom told.

Tom told (that) Jane yet.


“I’m very worried” Tom said.

Tom said (that) very worried.


“I want to go far away”, Tom told.

Tom told (that) to go far away.


“You must eat less”, He said.

He said (that) I eat less.


“Don’t shut the door!” ,he ordered.

He ordered the door.


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