LISTENING 11 - Nivel intermedio




Listen and fill in the missing words.


Are hackers high-tech (1)   who have improved computer security systems, or are they just clever (2)   who enjoy causing trouble?


In 1988, university student Robert Morris created the first computer worm. This virus (3)   about 6,000 computers around the world to (4)  . Morris was fined $10,000 and had to do 400 hours of (5)   service. Today, however, Morris is a professor of (6)   science at MIT, a leading university in the USA. The most infamous hacker of the ’90s was Kevin Mitnick, who spent five years in (7)   for illegally accessing information from companies and stealing corporate secrets. One condition of  (8) release was that he couldn’t (9)   online for three years!


Today, Mitnick is a computer security consultant, writer and speaker. Sophisticated (10)   is now available to protect computers. Ironically, a lot of it was developed by former hacke


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