Reading 4 - Intermediate level



1. Read the following text and complete the questions:






My diet is really because I usually eat meals.


For breakfast, I generally milk, biscuits, cereals or a toast with butter and jam. In the main meals, I like soup, salad or stew as starters, and fish or meat for main course. , I love roast chicken and grilled fish, and I really love pasta, too. For dinner, I usually vegetables with fish or roast meat. In addition, I usually a fruit for dessert.


On the other hand, I like out or three times a month, but I don't like hamburgers or the typical junk food. Actually, I like eating healthy food when I go to restaurants, because a healthy diet is essential for better and longer. 


In conclusion, having help us to be happier and more optimistic. Drinking a glass of milk before to bed is very recommended by our doctors. 



2. Choose the correct answer:



1. .


2. .


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