Read the following text and answer the questions:





We all know gorillas very quickly and climb trees. We also know they can't sing, but speak? Koko can! But koko is not a . Koko (live) at the Gorilla Foundation in California. She a special computer with pictures in the screen. When Koko (want) some fruit, she the picure and the computer (speak) the words: Koko (want) an apple. Koko  (be) the first gorilla in the world that . She a very good student and (work) hard with her teacher, Penny Patterson. She any homework because she ...yet!


- Are these statement true or false?


1. Koko lives in the USA.

2. Koko can sing.

3. The computer says the words.

4. Penny is Koko's mother.

5. Koko can write.


- Complete the sentences with can or can't:


1. A gorilla run very quickly.

2. A duck swim very well.

3. An elephant fly.

4. A parrot write.

5. A turtle  swim.

6. A bear eat.

7. A horse climb trees.


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