Read the text and answer the questions:






Venus and Serena Williams (be) tennis superstars. They (be) tall, strong and beautiful and very talented. They often appear in newspapers and and they in the top ten woman players the world. They in a in Palm Beach, Florida, but they always rich and famous. 

The Williams sisters born in Los Angeles -Venus born 17th June, 1980 and Serena 26th September, 1981. They in a very popular part of the city with their parents and three sisters. They (start) to play tennis when they children and (practise) in courts near their home. They played in local competitions and they very good.

Venus (play) her first professional match 1994 and Serena 1997. Their father, Richard, is coach. He (study) books and videos about tennis because he (want) to help daughters. He also their school teacher. Venus and Serena very close sisters. 

In March, 1999, Venus and Serena oponents in the Cayo Vizcaino final. Venus her sister, but Serena happy because her sister the winner at Wimbledon.


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